A lot has changed since out last blog posting.  Life gets very busy and sometimes some things fall through the cracks.  Enough with the excuses- we are reviving the blog.

Since March 2013 we have managed to sell our house, move to a new one and remodel a kitchen.  Hopefully all of that is enough excuses to warrant the blogging dry spell.  The kitchen in our new house had last been touched sometime in the 1950’s.  there were bright yellow walls, yellow cabinet insides, small tile countertops, no garbage disposal, no dishwasher, a 1950’s GE latch handle fridge (with an in-fridge 12”x12” freezer), and yellow and blue vinyl floor.  It was a spectacle.  Needless to say, it had to go.  There was no way this was going to work for us.

Our home is a traditional 1910 home in NE Portland and we wanted to update the kitchen without making it too contemporary- more of a classic kitchen with modern touches.  After 11 long weeks of construction and chaos, we are finally moving back into the kitchen and getting reacquainted with cooking utensils…enough thai take-out, pizza and delivered dishes!  We are getting back to cooking food we love and teaching our daughter that “out to eat” is not the only way to eat well.




Demo surprises:



New floors and drywall:



Ready for cooking:








Perhaps this blog will have more tasty weekday meals in the future or continue with our many culinary splurges.  Either way, the Culinary Expeditions will continue…         


5 Comments to “Reboot!”

  1. The new kitchen looks amazing!!!

  2. Time to get busy in that beautiful and efficient kitchen. There are a lot of good things going on in the culinary world, so “deliver” something delicious to your fan base! Can’t wait to see, cook and enjoy what’s coming our way!

  3. Beautiful!!!

  4. I’m happy to come help cook! Or just taste test if you want me to sit and supervise while you chef something up for me 🙂 I seem to remember being a part of some recent salmon cakes that were pretty tasty and photographic. Hint, hint.

  5. This is awesome. So glad we get to finally see this blog.. Ha.

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